Monday, April 22, 2013

Five Star BBQ Company

 Name: Five Star BBQ

Location: North of Center St off of Geneva Rd in Orem

Atmosphere: The restaurant is located the main floor of a house. With southern style decor on the walls, it felt very homely. I was wondering if the owner of the place actually lived upstairs

The Food: I was really impressed with the amount of food that you receive for the price that you pay. BBQ especially most places tend to skimp on the meat. Five Star was an exception to that rule. I got the beef brisket platter, and not only was it loaded up with meat, it came with two ginormous sides (I got coleslaw & mac n cheese) and either cornbread or garlic bread. My buddy got a sandwich and it was stuffed with their pulled pork. I was extremely impressed with the coleslaw. Had a great amount of sauce, yet the cabbage was still very crunchy. There was some extra spice in there too that gave it a nice kick. They have homemade BBQ sauces, the 'Kinda Hot' mixed with the 'House BBQ' was my favorite mixture.

Price: $8-10 for a meal, but comes with a ton of food.

In a Nutshell: A little off the beaten path, and only open for lunch M-Th. But swing by during Fri or Sat and you won't be disappointed. Oh, and the girl taking our order was pretty cute, and knew how to cut some meat. Way Hot.

MadBrad recommends: JT's Brunswick stew. Get it as a side with your meat. Wayyyy Good.
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  1. I have been here and was not very impressed. I consider myself as a BBQ connoisseur, The brisket was kinda cold and the sauce was not very impressive. I left unsatisfied, I liked the atmosphere and I feel i should give it another shot just in case every thing was just off the first time i went.